Apartments and rooms by hours Barcelona

Apartments and rooms by hours in Barcelona in which to enjoy with the maximum discretion of one of our company luxury escorts.

Barcelona apartments

Central and discreet
Rambla de Cataluña, 103, 08008 Barcelona

* If you want to enjoy a unique and unrepeatable meeting, we make the reservation at Suites Barcelona in Rambla de Cataluña 103. 08008. Ask us before availability.


Private and quiet stay.
C/ Breda, 3, 08014 Barcelona


Maximum discretion, modern environment.
C/ del Rector Triadó, 104, 08014 Barcelona


Luxury and good taste.
C/ Teodora Lamadrid, 4, 08022 Barcelona


Modern and very discreet.
4 discrete hotels in Barcelona

The best apartments for escorts in Barcelona

Barcelona is the city of escorts because there is a great supply and demand. We put at your disposal a wide range of possibilities both at the level of girls and services. Our goal is to guarantee your total satisfaction and that's why we take care of every last detail . We will give you an exquisite treatment because we want to meet all the requirements of the most demanding clients, and that is why we position ourselves as a benchmark for luxury escorts.

The hourly apartment service is combined with the specialties of each of the girls, so we recommend you to browse our website to find out who fits your preferences or contact us and we will inform you with all the details .

The most discreet place to be with a luxury escort in Barcelona

These apartments are specially designed for pleasure , so that in some you will find a jacuzzi or private parking, with the aim of guaranteeing maximum privacy. Although maintaining sex is increasingly assimilated on a social level, there are still outdated people who judge by the behavior of others, so we prefer to preserve your discretion and thus avoid inconvenience .

Sexual relations are predisposed by a physical attraction, but other factors such as the environment in which the encounter takes place also come into play. Therefore, comfort is key so that both people get involved and start interacting in order to reach the end.

Call us and we will give you all the details of the apartments for escorts in Barcelona that we put at your disposal.