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Do you want to be part of the Omnia Escorts company girl team? If you are elegant, attractive and discreet, we are looking for you.

Requirements to find company girl employment

We are demanding when choosing exclusive women to offer the best possible service to our clients , so we do a real casting, in person, to know well the characteristics of each escort and offer only the services you are comfortable with.

We are looking for women beautiful and with careful aesthetics . We offer a luxury escort service so we need a series of qualities that fit that image. In Omnia we will teach you everything you need to know to be escort with exclusive clients . Thus, the work gets along much better and you will enjoy both the appointments and the company of the clients.

We also inform ourselves of the characteristics of each client, so that you will only deal with select men with whom it is very simple to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Omnia Escorts has a good reputation in the sector and we stand out for the exclusivity of our services , so that customers also have a certain level that will allow you to develop your work with total peace of mind.

Discretion is a sign of identity in our agency , so it is an indispensable requirement to work with us. In return, you can deal with very respectful and caring clients, above all our priority is the well-being of the escorts.

Take advantage of your physical attractiveness to win a bonus while in good hands. We are looking for fancy, sophisticated girls who offer a high quality service . For this, we not only look for a careful aesthetic and great beauty, but the ability to live up to any conversation, know how to be and education.

We offer a unique experience , so dedication and delivery must be total at each appointment. If you are passionate about meeting new people and having a good time, Being an escort is your ideal job!

We make an appointment in person to get to know you better so that you can also ask us all the questions you can think of. Logically, we are very demanding in providing a pleasant working environment and thus guarantee satisfaction on both sides .

The goal is for the client to have an appointment that he never forgets and makes him want to repeat. That is why we are looking for proactive women with an open mind about sexual relations and able to please men in different ways.

Also, in Omnia Escorts it is you who decides what services you want to offer . This way, you are your own boss and you do what you really want. Neither customers nor we are going to force you to do anything you don't want.

If you think you are ready to work as a company girl , contact us and we will tell you everything you need to know without any commitment.

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